News Another DDT Star Leaving Temporarily

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Battle News reports a deal was announced between Union Pro via DDT & All-Japan today that will see Union Pro star Hiroshi Fukuda “rented” to All-Japan for approximately 6 months. The transfer will begin with All-Japan’s 10/22 Korakuen event and end following the 2015 Champions Carnival. The announcement was made today jointly by Fukuda, DDT President/owner Sanshiro Takagi & All-Japan President/CEO Jun Akiyama (Union Pro rep Naomi Suzan could not attend). Fukuda is still expected to be on the upcoming Union events this month as well as in September & October. He’s the second DDT star to branch out into other promotions this year, following Kota Ibushi signing deals with both DDT & New Japan (1 year, only working major events).

Joshi News: Upcoming Special Cards Announced

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Battle News reports on some full card announcements for upcoming joshi events today. First up is Mio Shirai announcing the full card for her 9/11 event at Shinjuku Face, which is as follows:
Shuji Ishikawa & SAGAT vs. Dynamite Kansai & Aja Kong
Yumi Ohka & Masayuki Mitomi vs. Hamuko Hoshi & Hiroshi Fukuda
Neko Nitta vs. Mika Iida
Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Misaki Ohata vs. Mio Shirai in a 3-way
Barbed Wire Board & Bringing Personal Dangerous Weapon Death Match: Mio Shirai, Maki Narumiya & Isami Kodaka vs. Mayumi Ozaki Shu Shibutani & Yuko Miyamoto

Also announced was the full card for the OZ Academy/ZABUN co-produced event on Sunday at Osaka West Community Center:
Sakura Hirota & Sumire Natsu vs. Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru & Haibisukasu Mii
AKINO & Kagetu vs. Manami Toyota & Tsubasa Kuragaki
Yuu Yamagata, Ayako Hamada & Tomoka Nakagawa vs. Mayumi Ozaki, Yumi Ohka & Police. Irregular rule TBA
Dynamite Kansai vs. Moeka Haruhi
Aja Kong & Sawako Shimotsuke vs. Misaki Ohata & ?
WAVE Singles Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Mika Iida for the title
In the 6-woman tag match Nakagawa was announced today as a replacement for the injured Hiroyo Matsumoto.

8/25 GENTARO Produced Results

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Freedoms star GENTARO ran his own independent event yesterday, results from Shinjuku Face:
They claimed 324 paid.
Shuji Ishikawa, Antonio Honda & Takumi Tsukamoto vs. Kurumi, The Great Kojika & PSYCHO went to a double countout in 13:22.

Naoshi Sano beat The Winger in %:49 by DQ. Pulling tights too much.

Mammoth Sasaki, Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Tsukushi beat Rikiya Fudo, Daisaku Shimoda & Hamuko Hoshi in 13:32. Tsukushi pinned Hoshi with a German suplex hold.

Ryuichi Sekine & ? (possibly Meari Naito) won a 9 team tag battle royal in 18:27, last eliminating Kazuhiro Tamura & Tsukasa Fujimoto.

Takashi Sasaki, MIKAMI & Masa Takanashi vs. Brahmans Shu & Kei & Sanshiro Takagi went to a double countout in 1:07. Which led to…
Takashi Sasaki, MIKAMI & Masa Takanashi vs. Brahmans Shu & Kei & Sanshiro Takagi went to a double countout in 6:35.

Atsushi Onita beat GENTARO in 18:27.

8/24 WAVE Results

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WAVE ran their 7th Anniversary event yesterday, results from Shinjuku Face:
They claimed 325 paid.
Cherry beat Shu Shibutani in 5:40. Shibutani worked through a knee injury that caused her to miss the 8/6 event as well as a special pre-event event the day before.

In a match where the “young” team could win with a 2 count pinfall, Mio Shirai, Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Sumire Natsu, Kaho Kobayashi & ? in 12:14. Shirai pinned Kobayashi. The young team lost.

Kana beat Melanie Cruise (gaijin) in 9:12. Cruise is a 6-year veteran mainly competes in the northern US, primarily for Resistance Pro Wrestling & SHIMMER, and was making her first appearance in Japan.

Kyoko Kimura beat Sawako Shimotsuke in 8:43. Shimotsuke competed without wearing her usual bandana, which revealed that she was completely bald (did not know that).

Dynamite Kansai beat Fairy Nipponbashi in 6:59.

Mika Iida & Sakura Hirota beat WAVE Tag Team Champions Isami Kodaka (DDT/Union Pro) & Yuko Miyamoto (666) and Ayako Hamada & Yuu Yamagata in a 3-way in 13:42, when Hirota pinned Yamagata, to win the titles. Iida & Hirota become the 11th WAVE Tag Team Champions.

Hikaru Shida beat WAVE Singles Champion Yumi Ohka in 21:07 to win the title. Shida becomes the 2nd WAVE Singles Champion. Wow. Seemed like Ohka was going to be unbeatable in title matches but her luck finally ran out after an amazing run as first champion-over 17 months and 7 successful defenses and proving that she is more than capable of carrying the promotion on her own. Well done.

After the event was the official 7th Anniversary Commemoration Party featuring all the wrestlers and ZABUN personnel. Which led to…
Exhibition Match: ? (Debuting wrestler) vs. Mikiko Futagami went to a 3 minute time limit draw. This was announced the day before. The new wrestler just passed the entrance exams 2 weeks ago. Afterwards it was announced the new wrestler will make her official debut on 10/25 at Korakuen.
This was followed by more party stuff and a Kaho Kobayashi interview. After all that…
Moeka Haruhi won a 7 woman battle royal in 14:55, last eliminating Sumire Natsu. Haruhi wasn’t even supposed to be there, it was announced before she would have to miss the event due to taking a national test to become a meteorologist/weather forecaster. She took the test and apparently completed it in time to make the event, she said she will know the results in early October. Hoping for the best.
More interviews followed and they also made Shida vs. Iida for the WAVE Singles Championship for Sunday as part of the OZ Academy/ZABUN co=promoted event. And although it’s a ways off, Futagami also said she hopes to hold the promotion’s 10th Anniversary event at Ota-ku Comprehensive Gym but that’s 3 years off. And Futagami also has a distant dream of running an event someday at Madison Square Garden in the USA. Anything’s possible. In the meantime WAVE plans to conitnue expanding throughout Japan as they have been doing to this point. Congratulations to the promotion and all involved on 7 successful years so far.

8/16-8/24 All-Japan Results

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All-Japan began the Summer Impact 2014 tour over the last week-plus, results from the first 3 events:
8/16 at Korakuen:
They didn’t announce attendance.
Yoshinobu kanemaru beat Yohei Nakajima in 9:15.

Takao Soma (DDT) & Masanobu Fuchi beat Masao Inoue (Independent/Freelancer) & SUSHI in 10:56. Fuchi pinned Inoue.

Hideki Suzuki (IGF) & “brother” YASSHI (Independent/Freelancer) beat Hikaru Sato & Atsushi Aoki in 11:41. YASSHI pinned Sato with La Magistral.

Zeus (Osaka Pro) beat KENSO in 12:07.

Kotaro Suzuki & Kento Miyahara beat All-Asia Tag Team Champions Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie (DDT) in 15:45 to win the titles. Suzuki & Miyahara become the 95th All-Asia Tag Team Champions. Suzuki pinned Irie after a tiger driver.

Akebono Return Match: Akebono & Jun Akiyama beat Takao Omori & Joe Doering. Match time not available. Akebono pinned Omori.

Go Shiozaki Return Match: Suwama beat Go Shiozaki in 26:23.

8/17 at Kira Messe Numazu:
They didn’t announce attendance.
Hikaru Sato beat Yohei Nakajima in 9:59.

Kotaro Suzuki beat Masao Inoue in 11:28.

Takao Omori beat SUSHI in 11:47.

Takashi Hijikata (Independent/Freelancer) & “brother” YASSHI beat Mitsuya Nagai & KENSO in 12:37 by DQ (KENSO DQ’d). Ref assault.

Kento Miyahara & Go Shiozaki beat Zeus & Jun Akiyama in 18:15. Shiozaki pinned Zeus after Go Flasher.

Atsushi Aoki, Suwama & Joe Doering beat Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Yutaka Yoshie (Independent/Freelancer) & Akebono in 19:27. Doering pinned Kanemaru after Revolution Bomb.

Sunday at Nagano NBS Hall:
They claimed 269 paid (full house/sellout).
Osamu Nishimura beat SUSHI in 11:41.

“brother” YASSHI beat Masao Inoue in 13 minutes.

Atsushi Aoki beat Takashi Hijikata in 12:48.

Takeshi Minamino (Independent/Freelancer) & KENSO beat Yohei Nakajima & Go Shiozaki in 13:02. Kenso pinned Nakajima.

Jun Akiyama & Takao Omori beat Kento Miyahara & Kotaro Suzuki in 13:26. Omori pinned Suzuki after Ax Bomber.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Yutaka Yoshie & Akebono beat Hikaru Sato, Suwama & Joe Doering in 17:14. AKebono pinned Sato after a running body press.

In other news, the promotion announced they hope to have a new official website up and running sometime in September.

8/23 IGF Results

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IGF ran the second GENOME FIGHT event yesterday, which was mainly to be MMA but also featured a bit of wrestling too, results from Ryogoku:
They claimed 7035 paid.
C-BOY beat Shuji Morikawa in 1:37 by ref stoppage.

Ryo Sakai beat Jun Ando in 2:17 by ref stoppage.

Super Tiger beat Keisuke Okuda in 3:25 by ref stoppage.

Daichi Hashimoto beat Shogun Okamoto in 5:51.

Atsushi Sawada beat Wang Bin in 5:50 by ref stoppage.

Naoya Ogawa & Jerome Le Banner beat Kazuyuki Fujita & Yusuke Kawaguchi in 8:32. Ogawa pinned Kawaguchi after STO.

IGF MMA Rules Fights:
Ramazan Esenbaev beat Yuki Yamamoto by submission (sleeper) at 58 seconds of round 3.

Chris Barnett beat Travis Wiuff by TKO (strikes) at 27 seconds of round 3.

Shinichi Suzukawa beat Ikuhisa Minowa by TKO (towel) at 59 seconds of round 2.

Mirko Cro Cop beat IGF Champion Satoshi Ishii by TKO (doctor stoppage-cut) at 2:37 of round 2 to win the title. Cro Cop becomes the 4th IGF Champion.

Next up is participation in the International Pro Wrestling Festival in Pyongyang this coming weekend in Pyongyang, North Korea. Many of the IGF stars as well as some top freelancers and a few joshi stars are going (Meiko Satomura, DASH Chisako, Kyoko Kimura, Ray). Next actual IGF event is GENOME 31 on 10/13 at Aichi Prefectural Gym.

8/24 Stardom Results

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Stardom began the 2014 5STAR GP today, results from Shin-Kiba 1st Ring:
They claimed 265 paid.
Reo Hazuki beat Chris Wolf & Sunrise Mask 1 in a 3-way in 3:45 by pinning Wolf.

Blue Block:
Koguma vs. Kyoko Kimura went to a double countout in 7:57. 1 point for each.
Takumi Iroha beat DASH Chisako in 6:51.
Mayu Iwatani beat Yoshiko in 11:20.
Red Block:
Star Fire beat Kaori Yoneyama in 6:26.
Kairi Hojo beat Nanae Takahashi in 13:33.
Melissa beat Io Shirai in 14:29.

According to Stardom’s website, the injured Yuna Manase attended the event today as well. Manase is recovering from left shoulder surgery and remains out indefinitely. As for the other injured stars right now, Act Yasukawa is still hoping to return this year (eye, thyroid), while new star Ramey Asuka is already on the DL only a month after her debut. Multiple knee issues. Out 3 months. If you haven’t seen her or pics of her on her Stardom profile, she wants to be a WWE diva and dresses like it (at least in back, has the near-thong look going).

Next event is 9/7 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring.


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