New Japan News: G1 CLIMAX 24 Announced

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As tournament season continues to heat up in puroresu, New Japan today announced it’s crown jewel tournament of the year-th2 24th annual G1 CLIMAX. The prestigious annual singles tournament this year will be spread out over July and August and culimnate with the previously announced return to Seibu Dome on 8/10 for what will be the finals. The full schedule:
7/21-Hokkaido North Sea Comprehensive Gym
7/23-Aomori Prefectural Budokan
7/25-Yamagata City Comprehensive Sport Center
7/26-Akita Prefectural Gym
7/28-Sendai Sun Plaza
7/31-Act City Hamamatsu
8/4-Aichi Prefectural Gym
8/8-Yokohama Cultural Gym
8/10-Seibu Dome

Participating wrestlers TBA closer to the tournament.

4/17 WRESTLE-1 Results

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WRESTLE-1 kicked off the 2014 Cherry Blossom Tour today, results from Korakuen:
They claimed 1080 paid.
Andy Woo beat MAZADA in 5:51.

In a chance contra chance match where the winner was who held a “chance flag” at the end of a 7 minute match, Hiroshi Yamato beat Kazushi Miyamoto (Independent/Freelnacer).

Yoshihiro Takayama & NOSAWA Rongai beat Ryota Hama & Toru Owashi (DDT) in 6:52. Takayama pinned Hama after a running kneelift.

AKIRA & Jiro Kuroshio (Wrestling New Classic) beat Masakatsu Funaki & Daiki Inaba in 12:05. AKIRA pinned Inaba.

Manabu Soya beat Yoshikazu Yokoyama (ZERO1) in 5:44.

HUB (Independent/Freelancer) & Tigers Mask (Osaka Pro) beat Minoru Tanaka & Koji Kanemoto (Independent/Freelancer) in 11:36. HUB pinned Tanaka.

Yasufumi Nakanoue & Seiki Yoshioka beat Yuji Hino (K-DOJO) & HIROKI (Independent/Freelancer) in 11:14 .Nakanoue pinned Hino.

Masayuki Kono, Ryouji Sai (ZERO1) & KAZMA SAKAMOTO (Independent/Freelancer) beat KAI, Kaz Hayashi & 13:40. Kono pinned Kondo after a running knee.

TNA X Champion Seiya Sanada beat Christopher Daniels in 18 minutes to retain the title. V3 for Sanada.

Joshi News: JWP Titles Vacated

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Some more joshi news from this past week-the JWP & Daily Sports Tag Team Championships are now VACANT. Previous champions DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko vacated the titles on 4/11 due to a Sachiko injury. Knee. The injury happened a few weeks ago and Sachiko had surgery earlier this month and is currently recovering and rehabbing in the hospital, according to her blog on the Sendai Girls website she’s been visited by several wrestlers already (including an apparently-also-injured Ryo Mizunami). Out indefnitely. The sisters returned the titles at last weekend’s JWP event. They were to have defended the titles on 4/20 vs. Rabbit Mito & Tsukushi, but that won’t happen now. No word yet on plans for determining new champions.

More as it becomes available.

4/16 OZ Academy Results

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OZ Academy ran their latest event today, results from Kanagawa Large Pier Hall (which based on a picture on Hiroyuki Nakamura’s blog provides quite a spectacular view of the water):
They claimed 356 paid.
Kagetu beat Sakura Hirota in 11:35.

Carlos Amano & Manami Toyota beat Kaori Yoneyama (Independent/Freelancer) & Hiroyo Matsumoto in 13:49. Amano pinned Yoneyama.

Aja Kong beat Sonoki Kato in 6:08.

OZ Academy Openweight Championship Challenger Tournament: Tomoka Nakagawa beat Hikaru Shida (Independent/Freelancer) in 9:20.

AKINO, Dynamite Kansai & Tsubasa Kuragaki beat Mayumi Ozaki, Yumi Ohka & Mio Shirai in 19:37. Kuragaki pinned Shirai after Metal Wing.

The tournament to determine the next challenger to OZ Academy Openweight Champion AKINO is a 7-woman tournament that began on 3/30. The first quarterfinal saw Kagetu vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto go to a time limit draw, under the tournament rules they are both eliminated as a result, meaning Tsubasa Kuragaki, who got a bye into the semifinals, possibly may now get a free pass to the finals on 5/11. Nakagawa will face the winner of Sakura Hirota-Yumi Ohka on 5/3 (Hirota-Ohka is 4/27, presumably Ohka will win).

Next event is 4/27 in Sendai.

4/16 All-Japan Results

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All-Japan continued the Champions Carnival today, results from Aomori:
They claimed 377 paid.
Yoshinobu Kanemaru beat Masao Inoue (Independent/Freelancer) in 9:17.

Atsushi Aoki & Kendo Ka Shin (Independent/Freelancer) beat Takashi Hijikata (independent/Freelancer) & Osamu Nishimura in 7:45. Aoki pinned Hijikata.

Kotaro Suzuki & Go Shiozaki beat SUSHI & Suwama in 18:08. Suzuki pinned SUSHI.

Yutaka Yoshie (Independent/Freelancer) & Akebono beat Bear Fukuda (Independent/Freelancer) & KENSO in 8:24. Akebono pinned Fukuda.

Champions Carnival:
Block A: Takao Omori beat Kento Miyahara in 18:16.
Block B: Joe Doering beat Jun Akiyama in 14:26.

4/16 NOAH Results

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NOAH revived the SEMex series for an event today, results from Shinjuku Face:
They claimed 450 paid (super full house/overflow).
Super Crazy beat Genba Hirayanagi in 9:11.

Kana (Independent/Freelancer) beat Rabbit Mito (JWP) in 10:19.

Taiji Ishimori beat Hajime Ohara (Independent/Freelancer) in 9:22 by DQ. Ref assault.

Colt Cabana beat Kikutaro (Independent/Freelancer) in 10:02.

Mohammed Yone won a 9 man battle royal in 11:40, last eliminating Mikey Nicholls.

Kenou (Michinoku Pro) & Maybach Taniguchi beat Extraterrestrial Gray (?) & Rubber Man (IWA Japan) in 8:44. Taniguchi pinned Gray after Maybach Press.

Chris Hero beat Zack Saber Jr. in 17:48.

Mitsuhiro Kitamiya & Daisuke Harada beat Hitoshi Kumano & Atsushi Kotoge in 19:04. Kitamiya pinned Kumano with a German suplex hold.

The Global Tag League resumes Saturday.

New Japan News: Latest 5/3 Card Updates

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New Japan announced more updates for WRESTLING DONTAKU 2014 on 5/3 today, namely more matches and a new gaijin debuting in the promotion. The new foreigner is Wes Brisco, the son of WWE legend and current agent Gerald Brisco and nephew of former NWA World Champion Jack Brisco. He’s been active for just under 5 years and will be making his first trip to Japan for the event.

The latest updated 5/3 card (match order TBA):
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi vs. Ryusuke Taguchi for the title
Kazushi Sakuraba & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rolles & Daniel Gracie. Closed-fist strikes allowed if fighters wear MMA gloves. Gracies can wear and use gi for chokeholds
IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada vs. AJ Styles for the title
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Nick & Matt Jackson vs. Alex Kozlov & Rocky Romero for the titles
Yujiro Takahashi & Toru Yano vs. Shelton X Benjamin & Minoru Suzuki
NWA World Heavyweight Champion Satoshi Kojima vs. Wes Brisco for the title. Stan Hansen will be a special guest observer
Elimination Match: Jushin Liger, Tetsuya Naito, Makabe & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson. OTR rule in effect
2-3 more matches TBA including Katsuyori Shibata participation


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