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9/23 Stardom Results

Stardom wrapped up the 2nd 5STAR GP today, results from Korakuen:
They claimed 915 paid.
Mayu Iwatani beat Miho Wakizawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto in a 3-way in 6:10 by pinning Wakizawa.

Kairi Hojo beat Kaori Yoneyama in 5:52.
Alpha Female beat Dark Angel in 6:53.
Io Shirai vs. Takumi Iroha went to a 15 minute time limit draw. As a result, Female advances to the finals. (TIebreaker was H2H, Female beat Shirai)
Yoshiko beat Act Yasukawa in 9:02.
Yuhi vs. Kyoko Kimura went to a 15 minute time limit draw.
Nanae Takahashi beat Natsuki*Taiyo in 14:15. As a result, Takahashi advances to the finals.
Finals: Nanae Takahashi beat Alpha Female in 13:08 to win the tournament. No real surprise (meh, but then again Takahashi all but runs Stardom so she pretty much gets what she wants). As a result, Takahashi will face World Of Stardom Champion Io Shirai next for the title, likely on 11/4 at the 100th Stardom event.
After the main event and festivities, Kimura interrupted and announced that Yasukawa had defected to her monster troop faction.

Next event is 10/6 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring.

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