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9/21 All-Japan Results

All-Japan continued their current tour yesterday, results from Wakayama Prefecture Hashimoto Gym:
They claimed 220 paid.
Atsushi Aoki beat Masao Inoue (Independent/Freelancer) in 11:49.

Dark Cuervo & KENSO beat Kento Miyahhara (Independent/Freelancer) & SUSHI in 16:12. Cuervo pinned SUSHI.

Kotaro Suzuki beat Kazushi Miyamoto (Tenryu Project) in 9:05.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Jun Akiyama beat Hikaru Sato (DDT) & Bambi Killer in 13:27. Akiyama pinned Sato after Exploder.

Takao Omori & Suwama beat D-Lo Brown & Akebono in 11:09. Omori pinned Brown after Ax Bomber.

Kingcraft Tournament: Go Shiozaki beat Joe Doering in 15:03. As a result, the finals tomorrow will be Shiozaki vs. Akebono.

Attendance figures for the past week’s events:

The tour wraps up tomorrow.

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